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I love Bad Beats! Playing three .25 cent 6 max tables online the cash prize was over 25K. I flopped a set with my 66. J high board. I just called the bets before me thinking the bets came from a J and overs. So call and keep them in the pot. Turn came a 6.....same thing, call and keep them in the pot. River came a 7 of spades, the FD got there. (SWEET). Now the only hand that coud beat me was A straight flush. I led out with a small bet and got shoved and was happy to call. The guy guttered the SF and I won 20% of the 25K. He won 10% and the other 4 players got 3%. YEAH I LOVE BAD BEATS!

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Thanks for the kind words

Happy to be able to help fund your newsletter with my winnings!

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I'm not paying you $5. The flip side of "Bad beats can cause tilt." is that if it happens to someone else at your table, its time to help them tilt. Don't rub it in, or be a jerk, just encourage them to use the emotions they are feeling to make a genuine mistake.

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