The Donkey Test

There is a popular online poker quiz called the Donkey Test that has been discussed in-depth (some would say ad nauseam) on various poker forums and blogs. While not perfect, I believe it actually gives a pretty good estimate of a player’s general “poker IQ.” 

I’ve obviously taken the test myself. While I scored only slightly above average when I originally took it, I wondered for a while what I got wrong– and why. As a result, I decided to focus a series of individual blog posts on dissecting and analyzing the questions to the best of my abilities. The result of all this work was originally posted on my old poker blog. Here on the new blog, I’ve decided to work through each post again in a bit more detail and rigor. Keep checking back, as I intend to post all 52 as time and interest allows:

  1. What’s the worst possible starting hand in Texas Hold’em?
  2. First to act UTG with KJo at difficult 10-handed full-ring table.
  3. Call or fold Tens against villain’s all-in squeeze shove.
  4. Short-stacked in tournament with medium offsuit Ace facing multiple limpers.
  5. A9o in a tournament facing re-shove from a short-stacked villain.
  6. QJo in late position cash game and action folds to you
  7. KK in the big blind facing serious multiway preflop aggression.
  8. Flopped set of nines facing aggression from tight, inexperienced villain.
  9. Pair of eights OOP against a bet and re-raise preflop.
  10. AQs OOP against a bet and re-raise preflop.
  11. KK multiway facing all-in re-raise.
  12. AA facing a donk flop bet on a dry board.
  13. Betting heads or tails on a coin flip.
  14. Set-mining in middle position with 5-5 against an UTG open-raise.
  15. Flopping TPTK and then facing a villain donk bet into us.
  16. Suited Gapper in SB Facing A Limpede
  17. JT-offsuit UTG in Full-Ring Cash Game
  18. MTT – Late Position AA Facing Raise and Call From Two Villains Preflop
  19. A Perfect Read of Villain Holding A-A in a Super Deep-Stacked Cash Game
  20. JJ in EP facing a 4bet raise postflop on very dry board
  21. Flopping Two Pair and Facing a River All-in Shove