eXtra eXceptional bonus poker tips & advice to improve your game

Here are a collection of short tips that can and will elevate your game at the micros and small-stakes tables:

  1. Assume the villain is not bluffing.
  2. Stereotype the villains when you first sit down.
  3. Don’t feel “priced in” from the blinds with weak cards.
  4. Don’t slow play value hands.
  5. Narrow–don’t widen–the villain’s range.
  6. Value betting is better than bluffing at microstakes.
  7. Look at board texture before continuation betting.
  8. Tournaments: Not Losing Chips Is More Important Than Winning Chips
  9. Tournaments: Continuously Shift Gears
  10. Called 3-bet Pots Are Dangerous
  11. Open-Limping Is Bad
  12. Table Selection is Important
  13. Never Show Your Cards–Winners or Losers, Alike.
  14. Don’t Berate Bad Players At Your Table.
  15. Plan on Missing Your Draws
  16. Results Don’t Matter – Decisions Do
  17. Pay Attention At All Times
  18. Identifying and Attacking Villain Weaknesses
  19. Calling With Low Probability Draws
  20. Consider Your Likely Postflop Position When You’re Still Preflop
  21. Helping Discipline Fade Tilt By Way of the Pomodoro Technique

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