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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I took about a 5 year hiatus from online poker for several reasons besides the big one (my ROI stunk!). I was too emotional towards bad beats, too invested in my top pairs and AK after a lousy flop, and simply just not betting correctly or bluffing too much. This turned the several final table appearances every 10-15 tournaments into just getting completely destroyed. I started watching poker videos again last month and noticed many people use 3rd party software to keep track of important information so I am on a free trial of one of those (driveHUD) which is helping. However, your videos, especially https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7WP6zBbrWs&t=1005s has made me think completely differently about how I put my money in a pot and how to value each hand.

    OK, so to make a long story short, WITHOUT watching your videos yet, but with DriveHUD on, I won a 5$NL 10k stack, 15 min blind 300+ person tournament for roughly 335$. Pretty dang happy at this point. Thankfully I withdrew 300$ (waiting on the check still…hmm). Anyway, the rest of my money with this new found confidence I had in my game was quickly taken from me at the tables and I realized I was back to my old ways very quickly.

    Now comes your videos, I’ve watched them all at this point, some multiple times especially the one linked above. The math is solid, the logic is solid, the patience you have is fantastic, and your ability to break down the game into simple strategies really made me have an AHA! moment. I bought in another 50$ and won a 5$NL, 10k stack, 15 min blind, 600ish people for about 630$ or close to that.

    Your videos have gut checked my emotional play with math and logic. They have helped me change my negative tendencies and instead to think about EV, PE, FE, villain ranges, etc. etc. So, thank you!

    • Adam, I’m very happy that my videos have helped your game! As I’ve said many times in the past, poker isn’t rocket science–ah, but it does take the application of logic and knowing your *why* before acting. It also takes solid emotional control and the ability to not focus on results. Make solid reads, evaluate the math, make a solid decision, and the ignore the results– this is the recipe for success. Cheers!