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What the Exceptional Poker website is all about.

My name is Mark Warner, and I started this website more than 10 years ago– only it wasn’t actually this website. Instead, it was a free google-hosted web blog called PokerBug, and it was where I learned poker. A lot of the early stuff on that blog was simply me floundering away as I struggled to understand, learn, and eventually master this crazy game.

I’m a big believer in learning by teaching, and my scribblings on that blog helped me conceptualize and take to heart basic through advanced poker theory. That blog was filled with various experiments, thoughts, bad beat whines, good beat hallelujahs, and the occasional foray down rabbit holes that I’m still stuck in. Eventually it coalesced into a coherent and complete understanding of how to win at poker.

All told, I wrote nearly one thousand posts on the old blog. This by itself feels incredible to me, but the really amazing thing is that writing that blog all those years actually taught me poker– winning poker. I now coach other players in how to win at stakes up to $100NL online. I supplement my day job income with what I earn on the green felt, and I owe much of that success to all that learning-through-writing I did back on PokerBug. Which brings me to this new website and blog.

In a sense, Exceptional Poker is just a continued evolution of PokerBug. In part, I’m picking up where I left off there (and in fact I will be transferring over much of the good stuff from there to here during the coming months) but this site is also a new start.

Unlike the old site, where I was primarily interested in me learning poker, the goal of this new site is instead focused entirely on teaching others. Specifically, Exceptional Poker is 100% intended to teach struggling beginning and intermediate players how to crush the small and medium stakes games.

So, why am I doing this? What’s in it for me? The site is free, right? What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Seriously. First and foremost, I don’t charge for any of this information, and I never will. The information contained herein Exceptional Poker is free for the taking, as is the newsletter (which you can sign up for over there to the right–>). I’m do this for two reasons:

First, I simply love poker. It’s perhaps the greatest of American games, and I love to write about it. More to the point, I absolutely love to teach it. There are few things in life more satisfying than receiving an email from a blog reader who says that a post I wrote helped them master some concept and start winning. That is, and always will be, the primary focus of this website.

Ah, but there’s a second reason, and the truth is it’s a little less altruistic: I have been wanting to pen an ebook on how to learn poker for a while. I’ve mapped out and outlined the contents the book, and this blog is my vehicle for finally writing and completing a first draft. In a sense, if you stick around and simply read this blog, you will watch my book get written in realtime by yours truly– perhaps not in sequential, chapter-by-chapter order, but the various pieces will pretty much all see the first light of day here on this blog before eventually finding their way into an actual book.

So, that’s what this site is about. I hope learning poker is why you’re here, because I want to teach it to you. Poker is a game of skill. After more than 3-million hands of poker played online, plus a half-dozen very successful students, I’m convinced I know how to teach these skills to you.

Stick around and find out for yourself.

Learn. Master. Crush.


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